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First step.

Congratulations to Olesia Khaletska, and in our first step, we will discuss how to use Smart Life.

  • Press the "power" button when the screen lights up with the "Up" or "Down" buttons to select the desired menu item.
  • Confirm by clicking "confirm" and launch the program clicking on the "run" button

At this time, a red indicator light will light up, which will confirm that the device is working.

The device is easy to use, it is enough to turn it on daily; it turns off automatically. Placing around and getting the result.

It's just easy to use a Short. Enable and hold the button sufficiently, then select the desired program and start it, in more detail read the rules for using the device Short you can in the instructions to the instrument.

We wish you a pleasant stay!

The second step.

Hello! Going to the second step of our step-by-step instruction is an algorithm for customer support. When you become the owner of the device, your personal consultant or consultant to the network of Smart Life centres for innovative medicine,offers you to sign a document that gives you the opportunity to get a 100% guarantee for the result with the Smart Life device, otherwise, the company will refund you the money spent on the purchase of the device.

The tracking algorithm consists of 31 points, in which we ensure that you get healthy results.

First, you need to fill in the document header, where you can enter your first name, phone number, city. Read the description of the algorithm.

Then we turn to step-by-step action. So, the first step - you bought the Smart Life device - sign up. Further, that you are obliged to perform all the points of the algorithm, drink water because drinking enough water is an important component in the treatment. The fact that you read the manual and subscribed to the information resources of the company.

The next important point 5 and 6 is the passage of standard cleaning complexes and anti-parasitic programs. Subscribe, if you have passed.

After that, sign up for a doctor's diagnosis and go through paragraphs 9 and 10, as well as receive sets of individual programs, which after the diagnosis the doctor will make for you and undergo a course of treatment. Then you will be re-diagnosing and correction of therapeutic programs.

After completing the entire list of customer support algorithms, our patients received more than one, 5-10 or more results, improved their health and got rid of the illness.

For four years of working with the algorithm of customer support, we did not have any feedback that the device did not help!

The third step.

The third step in our step-by-step guide is to diagnose and identify the causes of the disease in the network of Smart Life centres for innovative medicine.

It is very important before you start to treat the device to find out the causes of your illness. In our network of centers the definition of such causes is doctors, using the most advanced diagnostic achievements - the Vegetative Resonance Testing method. The accuracy of this method is 93%. As a result of VRT diagnosis the patient receives an answer to 3 main questions:

What is the cause of the disease and calls it a nosology

Where is this reason and indicates its localization

Indicates the exact way to solve this problem with frequency resonance therapy and program sets on the Smart Life device.

Having passed the diagnosis at the network of Smart Life centres for innovative medicine, you will receive accurate answers and can improve your health under the control of professionals.

Fourth step.

The fourth step of the step-by-step algorithm is to support doctors online.

There are cases when you can not go to the Smart Life centre for a variety of reasons, then you will not be left with the appliance and your health problems on your own. Online support physicians will provide you with a set of treatment programs that you can get in both regional centers and the Internet.

The fifth step.

The fifth step in our step-by-step familiarization with Smart Life is to dial the center in the phone mode.

When you start using Smart Life devices, go to the "Customer Support Algorithm", you may have additional questions that will be answered by your consultant from the company who will accompany you on the phone and be able to help with all the difficulties that will arise on the way to a healthy life.

The sixth step.

The sixth step of a step-by-step algorithm is the importance and need for a re-examination.

When the patient passed the first diagnosis of a doctor, he received his own course of treatment and passed his two possible variants of events:

The patient received significant improvements and was convinced of the integral effects of frequency resonance therapy on the Smart Life device. More he has no obvious health problems, what to do next? Of course, go for re-diagnosis and continue to work on their health, as there may still be some problematic issues that are not acute, such as chronic, and also need to be addressed, or come on a re-examination for the purpose of prevention.

The patient did not receive the result after the first course of treatment. Then you need to come back to the diagnosis for correction of treatment programs, so that the doctor will understand what changes in the body occurred, and who did not and why, and also appointed corrective programs. We cherish chronic diseases for years. Therefore, it is not always possible to overcome them quickly, sometimes it takes 2-3 months, and sometimes even half a year, so that the results become tangible and manifested in improving the state of health.

A re-examination of VRT diagnosis, counselling and a doctor and correction of treatment programs - this is the key to successful treatment of Smart Life devices.

Seventh step.

The seventh step of our step-by-step guide - using Smart Life devices, you can stay healthy for years to come.