Reviews of Svitlana Borisova, Physician of the Wellness Center in Lviv

  1. Treatment for varicose veins. Two women turned up with this problem, both of them got good results, I will talk about one of them. A woman with well-defined varicose veins was treated with Smart Life, and for two days she used programs for her third massage. In the program complex, there were programs not only with the standard names of five, varicose veins, and also worked with bacterial strains that were present in the patient and fungi. Two months later, the result was that varicosity on the legs decreased and the blood vessels were shrinking. The conclusion is very satisfying, as the general condition of the organism improved and legibility appeared.

  2. A man with complaints about general weakness, apathy turned to our wellness center. The Smart Life device had five sessions devoted to the detoxification of the body, the fight against parasites, as well as immunisation-intensifying programs. The man said that he noticed the result of the fact that in the gym he began to get tired less, cope with more significant loads, improved overall condition and all this for a week using the Smart Life device.

  3. We are treated by patients who also have a question of complete recovery already, unfortunately, is not worth it, but the problem is a comfortable life. The patient turned 88 years old, with history and diabetes, and atherosclerosis, usually hypertension and some diagnoses. The patient was not walking, went to the toilet through the catheter, received a comprehensive treatment on the Smart Life device, was treated at home, in our centre were a set of therapeutic programs that were put into the device and the patient only switched on them at home. In 5 months, the patient began to walk, abandoned the catheter, and also reduced his sugar levels.

  4. We also have experience working with HIV positive patients. Worked with a patient with only a bacterial load, as in AIDS patients, the main problems associated with the decline in immunity, which most often attacks such bacteriae, as Pseudomonas aeruginosa and tuberculosis, and we worked to keep normal loading of the ureoplasma and toxoplasma. After four months of treatment with the Smart Life device, the patient went to the facility to be registered, after undergoing all the necessary examinations, the doctors stated that the patient's condition improved, the dose of drugs taken by the patient to control the disease was reduced 3-fold. Treatment is continued in the future.

  5. A young couple turned to us in the centre. A wife of 4 years suffered from arthrosis in severe form, was treated in different institutions and there was no expected result. We put the program 3 hours a day, from bone tuberculosis to arthritis and arthrosis, and also a bacterial load. After four courses of Smart Life treatment, which took about 1.5 months, the patient completely passed all examinations and passed the tests. The result was impressive, and all tests were standard, the patient's condition was stable. We also received remarkable achievements in the treatment of arthritis in some patients.

  6. Very good and easy to treat helminthiasis in children, put a general antiparasitic program, then detoxify and get results. We often see parents with children who are often ill, after diagnosis, we see that the primary causative agent that causes frequent bronchitis, OCD, ODS, is Kingella and Shigella, we put them on the Smart Life device and get results.

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