How to deal with overweight and obesity at a young age. Youth Health #01

Good day! My name is Anastasia Seythalilova. I work in the company of Smarti System. This company makes and sells the medical devices of frequency- resonance therapy Smart Life and Short wellness device for home prevention, rejuvenation and longevity.I also do vegetative-resonance testing and customers support. I’m also a student of the last year degree at the Lviv Medical University.

From the very childhood, all young ladies think about their beauty. From the very beginning a little bit about the beauty of their Barbies, just a little later - about their owns. In the present days, a beautiful body is a very important aspect of beauty.  But everyone has his own taste. And all over the world, we have generally accepted norms of beauty:90-60-90. It is very difficult to argue with the first figure unless surgical methods. But the second and third figures we can control ourselves.

Thus, today we will speak about one of the biggest problems of humanity-overweight of a person.

It is the disease, which hurts health, leads to a shorter life expectancy or increased health problems.
It is very easy to reveal problems with overweight. Everyone can do it. It will be enough to calculate his own body mass index.  BMI is the weight in kilograms divided on the height in square meters. Depending on the indexes BMI, the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION formed a special table.



< 18,5

deficit of weight


normal weight




obesity stage I


obesity stage II


obesity stage III

BMI is connected directly with the percentage fat content indicator in the body and with general content.
The main thing is that in any reason of obesity, you always can keep your body in tone and have BMI 18,5-24,9.

The reasons for obesity which are inflamed hard are: it is genetic, the endocrine diseases such as - the hypothyroidism, the Izenko-Kooshing syndrome, the growth hormone absence.

But we can influence for the main reasons for obesity: we can control our food, we can have a non-sedentary way of life and, at last, we can cope adequately with social factors and stress. 
The bad consequences for health are divided in two big groups: those, which accrue as the result of the  influence increased fat mass, for example, osteoarthritis, obstructive sleep apnea, social stigmatization, and those, which are connected  with the increment of the quantity of the fat cells, such as diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, the non-alcoholic fatty liver dystrophy.
 The increase of fat deposits can change the reaction of the organism to insulin and do insulin resistance.

How can we treat it

Well, here we have some different opinions of some people. Someone buys different kinds of "Chinese" tea for losing weight. These teas do not help very often. Sometimes they do negative results. Another try to solve this problem with the help of surgeons. But very often, operations can't solve the main problem. But worst of all is anorexia, when a person uses a very strict diet, violates the correct physiological processes and as a result are the serious disorders in the body, the complete absence of appetite.
Smarti System company offers an innovative approach in solving this serious problem. Our doctors had elaborated a great complex of special programs for all people with overweight. We offer to solve this problem generally:

  1. SMART LIFE and SHORT WELLNESS DEVICE sets of programs include programs such as detoxification, lymphatic drainage, a psychiatric disorder of nutrition, normalization of metabolism, normalization of the endocrine system.
  2. Proper nutrition which includes necessary for healthy life substances and excludes food that has a damaging effect.
  3. Follow the correct water intake mode.
  4. Moderate physical activity of the body(physical exercises, hiking, yoga, body flex).
  5. But first of all, we offer to diagnose everybody with a purpose to detect the exact cause of obesity to fight sight.

We have a lot of examples of the solution of this problem with the help of our devices, Smart Life and Short wellness device. We offer an individual, comfortable approach to help without exhausting diets and physical activities. We guarantee not only one-day cosmetic effect but the constant support of the achieved results. Because the most important thing is our health, and we can use any way to be healthy.
You can address for a full consultation on that and for drafting the complex of obesity programs to our specialists. We will be happy to help you.

Take care of your health with the Smarti System!